Welcome to summer, the season of sun and leaves and birds and…well, to be honest, some other not-so-great things, like ticks and heat rash and sharks at the beach. You know, the good with the bad. One season can’t have ALL the good things, after all.

I am looking so forward to this summer this year because I have just handed in a new book! It’s a sequel of sorts to my book of last year, MATCHMAKING FOR BEGINNERS, which astonished me by becoming a Washington Post and Amazon charts bestseller. That book is the story of Marnie MacGraw, a young woman who is a little bit confused and going through a bad patch, and who discovers she’s inherited a brownstone in Brooklyn from an eccentric, witchy lady. Along with the brownstone come a whole bunch of eccentric misfits–people who need love but fight against it–and Marnie is drawn into their lives. People start showing up who need her help, and she finds in herself the amazing ability to help people discover the love they are pushing away.

Anyway. I hate summing up books in one or two sentences. Can you tell? They always sound so surfacey and silly. But the truth is that this book made me so happy while I was writing it. Every day I thought about how we’re all connected by our need for love and our need to be truly seen and heard…and characters just jumped into this book who were telling me things that I needed to hear. I was afraid it was going to turn all sappy and sentimental on me (I might be allergic to sappiness in books and movies), but somehow it didn’t, and for that I was grateful. It got a lot of nice reviews, and as of this writing, something like 3,200 people have reviewed it on Amazon and said nice things like how it changed their lives and made them believe again in themselves. Sometimes I have read their comments and had to go sit down because I was weeping that my little book spoke to them.

So…a nice, wonderful woman named Kate Rock made a video trailer for the book, which I watch whenever I feel a little bit like I need a lift. And here it is:

Anyway, keep your eyes and ears open because in April 2020, there will be a new story about Marnie MacGraw and her projects in Brooklyn. (Hint: she wants a baby. And she wants to marry Patrick.) Just this week I heard from my publisher that the title has been approved (we’ve all been trading title ideas back and forth, and we got the one that is my very favorite. ) It’s going to be A HAPPY CATASTROPHE.

I’ll also post a picture of the new cover when we get it. It’s going to be the same artist who designed the MATCHMAKING FOR BEGINNERS cover, which I adore!

Oh! And if you thought you might like to read MATCHMAKING FOR BEGINNERS, because you perhaps missed out on it, here’s the link to Amazon:

And, while I’m here, I’d like to encourage you to join Blue Sky Book Chat, which is a Facebook group I’m in, along with 10 other best-selling, award-winning authors. We love to talk books and meet readers, and during the month of June, every single day there’s a conversation that leads to a giveaway! You could win free books if you play your cards right. Go to Facebook and join (it’s free!) The link is: Come and talk to us!

See you there! And Happy Summer!