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Matchmaking for Beginners

  Break out the champagne and the love potions! My new book is coming out in June–and it’s a book that is close to my heart. That’s because it’s about my favorite subject: what it is that gets two people to fall in love, why humans have to make that process so complicated, and how […]

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It’s fall and I have a book coming out! And I’m giving two of them away!

Excuse me for interrupting your September early fall delirium, but I have to register a little complaint. Okay, three complaints. No, four. First the good things. Let’s see… it’s apple season, which is always pleasant, and as an added bonus modern life is so advanced that we now can get pumpkin flavoring in EVERYTHING…but I’m […]

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She would be so much older now…

It’s hard to imagine that my sister would be sixty years old today. She died young, still beautiful and blonde, just thirty-eight and newly married for the third time. She was lovely–funny and complicated, confused and brilliant, dramatic and sad, impish and courageous, fiercely loyal and protective about the people she loved. She’d also been […]

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We step on seeking for our new Muse’s journey

Life hasn’t been easy lately, what with the snow and the washing machine breaking down three days after the furnace developed a “whistle,” which was three days after the outside temperature dropped into the minuses. I am a Californian and before that a Floridian, so I don’t understand how there can be NO degrees at […]

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The moment you go to press SEND and the power goes out

That moment when you sit down to press SEND on the novel you’ve just completed ON THE DAY IT IS DUE TO THE EDITOR…and the power goes out in the whole neighborhood AS YOUR FINGER IS HOVERING OVER THE SEND BUTTON. And because crazy forces are clearly at work, the power chooses to stay out […]

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What if I kill him after chapter 15?

For the last–oh, I don’t know–three years, I’ve been thinking about a woman who was adopted as a baby. She and I have had many conversations, mostly when I was trying to sleep. Because that’s how she rolls: quiet and unreachable during the morning hours when I have my fingers poised on the keyboard and […]

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The Opposite of Maybe is coming in March!

I’m so excited to announce that The Opposite of Maybe is coming out in March of 2014. And here’s the cover, which I just adore. It’s the story of Rosie, who at the ripe age of forty-four, discovers that she just might be a tiny bit pregnant. Unexpectedly so. As she puts it, she and […]

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My name is Maddie, and I am a rockaholic

Hello, my name is Maddie, and I have a teeny tiny little rock addiction. No. That’s not how it goes. Hello, my name is Maddie, and I am a rockaholic. I walk down a beach, and rocks just call out to me, begging for me to pick them up. Much to my husband’s shock, by […]

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The summer of wild animals

I have never felt more like a refugee from nature as I did the other day when I walked into my kitchen to find a chipmunk standing in the middle of the room staring at me. He and I both did a double-take–and he ran to the cabinets, and disappeared somehow into the bread drawer. […]

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A new book, a new book!

Well, I have been very lazy busy and haven’t written here in ages. It shames me even to see how long it has been. Partly I’ve been writing and re-writing a new book, which is exciting and fun and crazy all at one time. I don’t mind telling you that the characters for this one […]

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