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I’m on the Book Lady’s Blog!

It’s so much fun to go visiting on other people’s blogs. They keep them so nice and tidy and up-to-date, unlike mine which tends to gather dust bunnies while I write a new book and can’t think of anything interesting to say. I’ve always loved the Bare Necessities column that Rebecca Joines Schinsky posts on […]

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Free Book Friday

I am so excited. My book, The Stuff That Never Happened, is being featured on Free Book Friday. You’ll never believe what they do on that site. Yep, they give away free books every Friday. And who doesn’t want a free book? Normally writers like it if people buy books instead…but I’m always in favor […]

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Where do characters REALLY come from?

I’ve been thinking a lot about characters lately, probably because some new people have recently moved into my head. Like summer tenants, they are rowdy and noisy, self-absorbed, taking the place over like they have full rights to everything. They’re waking me up in the middle of the night, co-opting my attention, forcing me to […]

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Countdown to publication–staying sane

I am not one to complain about modern technological advances–where would I be without toaster pizza, for instance?–but I think that certain things might have been just a teeny tiny bit easier before the Internet knew everything about us and forced us to become the CEOs of our own public relations firms. Take book publishing, […]

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A title by any other name…

We don’t do well with titles in my family. It’s some kind of naming dyslexia, probably not identified yet in the DSM-IV. So the other day when my daughter told me she was going to the movies to see “The Children Are Doing Just Fine,” I knew right away she was going to see the […]

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Great first lines

I’m writing a new novel, which is another way of saying that I am obsessed with picking crumbs out from between the keys of my laptop, reading up on and worrying about Lindsay Lohan, clearing out my spam folder every 15 minutes or so, comparing my horoscopes from different astrologers, brushing up on Spider Solitaire, […]

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Love, “The Bachelorette,” and the art of giving up

It is no longer so hot here that you want to take off all your clothes and pour ice water all over yourself, so that means that it’s possibly safe to think about love again.  We’ve been in a love  moratorium for some time now on the East coast. It’s a safety issue. You can’t […]

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It is a trillion degrees here

I wish I were lying about the number of degrees we have here. But there really are a trillion of them, and the air is hot and sticky and thick with ozone, whatever that is. (Ever notice how ozone is sometimes good and sometimes bad, and sometimes is so damaged that it has a hole […]

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The end of “Lost” has me feeling a little un-lost

For a while I was grateful that I wasn’t caught up in “Lost.” I had so much more free time than other people I knew, the ones who were always going on about a Smoke Monster and The Others, and who not only had to watch the show each week (and mourn its absence during […]

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It’s the best kind of springtime

Not all springtimes are the same. In Connecticut, there are about fifty kinds of springs, and most of them, sad to say, are abominably cold and uncommitted, like bachelors who are determined to resist love. Then they turn HOT all of a sudden one day, and people go around complaining, like this is something they […]

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