Questions for What Comes After Crazy

Readers’ Guide


  1. Why do you think Maz invited Dan over to her house in the first scene? Do you think she was ready to move on from her marriage to Lenny?
  2. What is it about her mother’s telephone call when Dan is visiting that gets Maz so flustered? Why doesn’t she simply tell her mother that it isn’t a good time to talk?
  3. In what ways is Maz like Lucille? In what ways would you like her to be different?
  4. Maz’s daughter Hope is traumatized by her father’s moving out and blames Maz for his departure. How did she get that idea, and how does Maz try to deal with it? Was this an impossible situation or could Maz have been more effective?
  5. How does Maz’s upbringing affect her own skills as a mother? Her choice of Lenny as a mate?
  6. Hannah and Maz have been close friends for years. What does Hannah get out of their friendship, and what does Maz get out of it? How does their friendship change over the course of the book?
  7. Would Maz have gone through a full-blown affair with Josh if Lenny hadn’t intervened? Why or why not? Are affairs always bad?
  8. Maz says she always thinks the solution to her life is going to come from outside herself: the person on the other end of the telephone, the man she might meet on the beach. Where did this attitude come from, and how does it change by the end of the book?
  9. Why do you think Maz lets Lenny move back into the house? Did she do the right thing?
  10. Madame Lucille’s stories had a powerful effect on her daughter. What did Lucille’s obsession with finding Jackson Angus and Cassandra mean to Maz throughout her life?
  11. Does Lucille really have “the gift”?
  12. Harold’s view of Lucille is very different from Maz’s view of her flamboyant mother. How does Maz reconcile this difference? How does his view help her get a grip on the reality of the kidnapping?
  13. Why doesn’t Maz immediately go after Lenny and Lucille when they take Hope with them to Santa Fe? What part does Abbie’s attitude play in her decision to finally go? What would you have done?
  14. Do you think that when Hope returns from Santa Fe she’ll be able to accept her parents’ separation more easily? Or will she still miss Lenny and Lucille? How will Maz’s new attitude help Hope with the transition?
  15. Now that Maz has made some kind of peace with the past, do you think she will have contact with Lucille, or will she avoid her altogether? Will she stay in touch with Lenny? How would you handle it?
  16. Where do you think Maz’s life will be in two years?