Maz Lombard craves a nice, quiet life—and who can blame her? Having grown up as the daughter of Madame Lucille, “Fortune-Teller to the Stars,” she spent her Southern childhood traveling from town to town, wondering which of the many men her mother brought home would become her next stepfather. Now that Maz’s soon-to-be-ex-husband Lenny has left for Santa Fe after his very public affair with the young daycare teacher imploded, maybe she can find the way to put her life back together with Dan, her new, calm, steady almost-boyfriend. But then her daughter, Hope, starts performing séances, Lenny shows up wanting another chance—and as if that isn’t enough, Madame Lucille and her new husband breeze into town, bringing a chance for Maz to at last understand herself and her old life. But when Hope disappears and Madame Lucille suddenly leaves her husband, Maz is forced to grow up fast and take control. But can she get her daughter back?


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APeiceofNormal_SKS_thumbA PIECE OF NORMAL

Lily Brown has a terrific life: at thirty-four, she’s got a great job as an advice columnist for the local newspaper, an adorable four-year old son, and an ex-husband, Teddy, who still thinks she’s wonderful.  She even lives in the wonderful old beach house in the colony where she grew up, with a great view of Long Island Sound and plenty of old friends. So why does she find herself painting her hair with ghastly orange  highlights and longing for a life that doesn’t revolve around looking for a new girlfriend for her ex so she can move on, too? And why does she still sometimes break down crying when she remembers her failure to raise her teenage sister, Dana, after her parents’ tragic deaths twelve years ago? It’s not until Dana shows up, bringing drama, complications, and the answers to some of life’s bitterest secrets, that Lily realizes she has to let go of being the person with the answers—and stand back and let herself make some of life’s most interesting mistakes. A story of two very different sisters who have to learn to make the most of their damaged and lovely lives and move forward.


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KissingGamesoftheWorld_SKS_thumbKISSING GAMES OF THE WORLD

Love can come from the most unlikely sources, at the time we least expect. Jamie and Nate hate each other on sight: she’s just clobbered him with a lamp as he was breaking into his old childhood home, the farmhouse she had been sharing with his father, Harris, who had just dropped dead of a heart attack the day before. Off to a bad start, the two discover they have nothing in common except the fact that they each have a five-year-old son. Nate, a smooth-talking salesman who travels all over the country, hasn’t seen his son since birth, because he left him to be raised by his father,  and while he now wants to take his boy back, he has no idea how to win the boy’s love and keeps blowing it by trying. But Christopher is best friends with Jamie’s son, Arley, and Jamie, an artist who paints pictures at home, takes care of the two of them.  How can she bear to let Nate take Christopher away, and force her from her home? What if she could work out a deal to stay and take care of the children while Nate fixes up the house for sale? And what if something starts to blossom between them that’s more than the contempt and hatred they first feel?


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